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See stuff happen to your body, for free! I mean, look at the guy on the cover. He's jacked. 

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At Revival Fitness, we aim to cultivate the human potential and individual athletic abilities through an integrated approach to lifting weights and eating food.​ Putting the client first and unlocking their potential in a systematic way. Making them feel safe and build healthy habits. 

Leave feeling invigorated, competent, stronger, and confident in every aspect of your life. 

Fill out the form and see if Revival Fitness is the best solution for you. Don't let one more day go by with your goals unfulfilled and your potential untapped. 

“Daniel is the complete package when it comes to being a personal trainer - he's knowledgable, enthusiastic, dedicated and able to connect with his clients”

Riley Rebitt

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This is Daniel Bednarski. His philosophy; keep it simple, keep it consistent, and get results. There is no magic trick or special workout to get there. It’s hard work, but rewarding. You are the master of your fate, you do all the work and you reap the benefits. You achieve fulfillment physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Daniel Bednarski

Founder & Lead Trainer


Daniel Bednarski

Founder & Lead Trainer

Daniel Bednarski

Founder & Lead Trainer


We offer range of services from Premium Online Training and Nutrition to 1-on-1 Private Training. Each will bring you quality and competent programming will tailoring to your every need. Find an option that best suites your needs or feel free to reach out to find more information

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Includes 30 min assessment personalized 

workout programming, 15 min bi-weekly check-ins, app access and tracking  

Did you ever want to receive the expertise of a coach for a fraction of the price? or maybe you have the ability to get to the gym but you don't want to think and plan out every training session. Let us handle that and you just focus on making those sick gainz.


Includes 1 hour assessment personalized 

workout programming, personalized nutrition plan, mobility package, 15 min bi-weekly check-ins, app access and tracking  

Receive all the same benefits of the premium online training plus more! Here we take it one step further with nutritional planning and movement and mobility prep. The gym isn't enough always, and taking that extra step on the dinner plate can make all that progress that much easier and sweeter. 


1-on-1 training situated at BPM Fitness Centre in Victoria, BC 

Get hands on attention with personalized programs and on site expertise. If you are new to the gym or need that extra step to help you get in, I can be there for you. Prices vary based on your level of commitment and time availability but if you want it straight from the source, this is the option for you!


Complimentary video phone call to chat about training options

Want to learn more about our options? Or perhaps you are ready to go and want to get the details ironed out. A phone call is the best way to go. Book a date and time that work best for you and lets meet face-to-face on zoom. 


800b Cloverdale ave, Victoria BC


Are you willing to commit $200 - $400 for your health and well-being?

Thanks! We are stoked for you

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