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It all began in despair. Lost. Depressed. An empty void. Continually asking myself, "what is going on?"

You know that feeling of despair? Like the world is out to get you. Struggling to find something. Life is so unfair.

I was denied access to America. Working as a cold-calling salesman selling print advertising in road maps. AND I was living in a new city with no friends and no social life. All alone.

All I could do was cling too the gym. And I clinged HARD. (I was that guy that worked out too often ... Joey SwoleArms - but no calves)

But, I liked it. I had time to kill. I was good at it. Nothing else was going my way. So why not build up a 'hobby'


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Riley Rebitt

I have been training with Daniel for the past two years and feel great. He is constantly adjusting my bi-weekly program and he keeps me accountable for each session. I appreciate Daniel’s research-based approach to strength training and wish I had started working with him earlier. If you are looking for a very personable trainer that knows his stuff, Daniel is the guy!

Riley Rebitt

Jesse King

I worked with Daniel for a couple of months before my lacrosse season began. I could tell from the get-go that Daniel was very knowledgeable and passionate about what he did by the way he spoke. He easily found the best way to push me just like I asked him to. He is an extremely intelligent individual when it comes to the scientific way our bodies are meant to move, and how to optimize them. It is because of him I felt strong and ready to participate in my sport at the professional level that season. Look forward to when I will be able to train with him again! And highly recommend his services.

Jesse King

Brent Snelling

I came to see Daniel after a three-year absence from the gym. I was far from my desired fitness level and lacked the confidence to get myself back into a gym. Daniel assessed my competency and tailored a training plan to suit my lifestyle and address my concerns from some previous injuries. I can't recommend Dan enough, he has an amazing knowledge of the human anatomy and takes all the time needed to ensure his clients are confident and getting the most out of their sessions. He is capable of working with beginners all the way up to the highest level of athletes. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, Dan is the right trainer for you.

Brent Snelling

Kyle Murai

Could not be happier with the results I’ve gotten from Daniel. After the first 10 weeks I’ve already seen major progress. Daniel was so helpful putting me on the right diet and supplement routine to reach my goals. The workouts were exactly what I was looking for and I’ve learned so much that I can take home and work on myself. 10/10 Would and will be seeing Daniel again

Kyle Murai

Tasia Mrozinski

The BEST personal trainer in Victoria BC. I highly recommend Daniel's expertise in fitness and weightlifting. Having Daniel as a trainer for the past year and a half has been such a vital part of my fitness journey. Training with Daniel: I'm constantly learning new things, pushing myself to my limit, improving my form, and learning how to properly fuel my body. Whether you're a beginner, revisiting an old regime, or are an athlete. Daniel adapts his programs to best suit your needs. Training with Daniel changed fitness into something FUN!

Tasia Mrozinski

Elise Anderson

Daniel has been so helpful in my fitness journey, he really pushes me to be the best version of myself and is always there when I need some support. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting into weightlifting. Not only is he a great personal trainer, but he’s also just an overall great guy; he’s always there when you need him and he’s one of the best motivators out there!

Elise Anderson

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