"Feel Sexy and confident in that swimsuit with Less Effort and in Less Time"


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What is the 6 Week Summer Body?

How can I get such results and why is it important?

This was built specifically Young Females in there 20's, 30's, or 40's

If you enjoy the beach, travelling, going out, have a passion for fitness and health, a desire to cut fat, build a toned stomach, and do it through a nutrition plan and workout regiment that has been tested again-and-again. This was designed for you.

  • You Will Be Guided Step-By-Step Through The Entire Journey

  • No Need Think or Plan Anything

  • Simple Workouts That Will Save You Time

  • Science Based Techniques That Work

We Want To Add More!

How nice would it be to the one on the beach everyone wants to be like?

We believe it's important to encompass the whole package deal, thats why we want to include $5000 EXTRA worth of services for FREE.

This Includes:

  • Personalized Meal Plan ($200 value)
  • Personal Grocery List ($50 value)
  • Local Guide for Eating Out ($50 value)
  • Recieps That Match Your Meal Plan ($50 value)
  • Accountability Coaching ($1440 value)
  • Online Personalized Training ($250 value)
  • In-Person Personalized Training ($1440 value)
  • Online Accountability Group ($10 value)
  • Permanent Fat Loss Education ($50 value)
  • Access To A Gym ($140 value)
  • Injury Prevention Guide ($50 value)
  • "Never Hurt Yourself Again" Mobility Booklet ($50 value)
  • Super Shake Guide ($20 value)
  • Satiating Snacks ($20 value)
  • Licking-Your-Finger Lunches ($20 value)
  • Delectable Dinners ($20 value)
  • 1000+ Exercises and Workout Library ($50 value)
  • And Much, Much More!

Thats a $5000 Value
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When, Where, How??

Starts: May 7, 2022

Where: BPM Fitness Centre

Your Trainer: Daniel Bednarski

Price: Was $5699  ACTUALLY $699

This is all with SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Your money back if you're not satisfied with the program.

Go through the whole 6 Weeks and you decide you didn't like the service or weren't happy with the results, you get 100% of your money back.

We believe in this program that much!

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