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Common questions you might have about training online or in-person. Reach out to us as well for more information.

How do I work out online?

Using the fitness software app, Trainerize, we will provide you with a macrocycle that will give you weekly workouts to record on your own. This software is simple and easy to use and offers a variety of other applications such as tracking, nutrition, messaging, group messaging, and more.

What types of workouts will I be doing?

Each program is based on your needs and wants. If you're looking to loss weight, we will provide you with a program aimed at losing weight. If you're looking to put on muscle, we will provide you with a program best suited to gain muscle. Knowing what you like and don't like, we will give you a program, advice, and guidance that best suites you and your wants.

What if I am not satisfied with Revival Fitness ?

Of course, we always want you to enjoy the process as much as the results and the truth is not all your wants can be met at once (i.e. not workout and still grow muscle). We are always willing to discuss unsatisfactory results/feelings but also know this is a proven method for weight loss, muscle gain, and strengthening. It will be a case by case scenario that we are happy to talk about

What are the benefits to working out with a personal trainer?

More like, what aren't the benefits? As personal trainer, our goal is to achieve what you want. We know the proper steps, processes, safety measurements, skills, and the experience from having trained multiple clients. All we do all day is think about how to get YOU were you want to be. Think of us not only as a tool to achieve your desires but also a source of accountability and knowledge for you to draw from.

Can I workout with a friend?

Yes, you're more than welcome to work out with a partner or friend. With in-person training, there are rates based on how many people you would like to train with and you can know more about that after signing up. Online training is priced for individuals only. 

Do I need a gym membership or go to a gym already?

No, a gym membership is not required and there are plenty of programs available for limited equipment to no equipment. It does provide you with a greater opportunity, though, to have access to a gym. The more equipment/space you have, the more options can be provided to see results quicker and easier.

Why not just find a free program online?

The benefit of free is that is free! The downside, you don't know what you're doing or what the program is meant to do. With Revival Fitness you're guaranteed to get a program that is best for you with constant feedback about increasing intensity, volume, frequency, and excessive selection. We'll make sure you're doing things correctly and sticking to them! Nothing worse than not achieving your goals because you're not doing any of the work...