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Daniel has been a trainer in the industry for 4+ years and has had the pleasure of training over 100+ clients; exceeding their goals and changing their lives online and in-person.

Daniel can Guarantee results in 30-Days or your money back.
         NO MORE Counting calories
         NO MORE Spending hours in the gym
         NO MORE Useless cardio machines

         YES TO Faster results
         YES TO Sustainable eating plans
         YES TO Living life without sacrificing your freedoms

Daniel believes in making your experience as EFFORTLESS, TIME SAVING and SUSTAINABLE as possible. Results that will last a lifetime and change your life for the better.

Get expert advice and let us do all the work FOR YOU!

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Who is Daniel?

Daniel is a functional strength and growth coach that has over 10+ of weight lifting experience. He believes in practicing the fundamentals of movement and exercise and keeps things simple, celebrates the small victories, and practices the essentials, keeping clarity, focus and productivity at an all time high for his clients and himself.

Daniel has had the pleasure of transforming over 100 lives in 4 years; relieving them of pain, frustration, and bringing about confidence, and love for ones body, mind, and soul.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys learning more about training, leadership, creativity, business development and relationships. He also enjoys golfing, hiking, travelling and is a former collegiate baseball player having lived and played in the USA for 5 years. He boast an impressive 1500 lb powerlifting total and 427.25 Wilks score.

Daniel believes in giving to others and aims to set up a scholarship program aimed at helping young entrepreneurs achieve their goal of financial freedom.

Daniel and his wife Sadie have been together for 4 years and live in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.

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