Carnitine and Omega-3s: The 2 Supplements YOU Need to Shed Fat

Carnitine and Omega-3s: The 2 Supplements YOU Need to Shed Fat

Carnitine and omega-3 fish oils.

When these 2 supplements are combined, it makes for a wicked fat burning, metabolic inducing, energy output machine. 

To cover some of the boring basics, carnitine is an amino acid comprised of lysine and methionine (unimportant.) The job of carnitine is to transport fat to cells through the cellular barrier for energy production (think of it like fat is coal that is being brought to the furnace.) Fish oils provide the starting point for making hormones that regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of artery walls, and inflammation. They are also an integral part of cellular development and health. 

As carnitine acts to suppress glycogen use, clear muscle lactate (that burning feeling you get when you lift weights,) and regulate insulin sensitivity and hormone balance, the omega-3s provide healthy cells that reduce insulin resistance, visceral fat, and aid in carnitine being able to do its job.

Why is this all-important?

The more insulin sensitive you are, the more fat your body will use for energy and the more you will cut fat and look toned and lean. Balancing your hormones will increase the function of the body, produce better testosterone response, increase muscle synthesis and promote quicker recovery. 

Those that take carnitine also see a boost in energy, endurance and performance. 

Notes on Belly fat

Spot losing fat is not a thing - just putting that out there - but the use of these supplements aids in the decrease of visceral fat that typically gathers around organs and mid-section area. If your body is able to use fats more effectively and aid in proper triglyceride and lipoprotein use, this would help in cutting back on those fats surrounding important organs, essentially decreasing the mass in that area. 

Carnitine and omega-3 supplement combination is a first great step in setting yourself up for fat loss and an underutilized tool in helping detoxify the burn-off of fat. We should also be focusing on maintaining a healthy diet that aims at producing less fat in the body and developing muscle through a hypertrophy/strength program. 

Start with an Escalating Body Composition Program and cutting carb intakes by flushing out high-carb/low-nutrient dense foods such as gluten wheat. 

As for dosage:

Advanced Option = 1g of fish oil for every lb of body fat and ⅓ of that with carnitine (i.e. 30lbs of fat would be 30g of omega-3 oils and 10g of carnitine)

Equally as good option = 2.5g of carnitine and 15g of Omega-3 daily

**Side Note: Most of us are deficient in Omega-3 as it is and beginning to take anywhere from 5g-30g a day is a smart choice. If the larger dosage upsets your stomach, slowly cut back until it doesn't**

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