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With February almost done and March upon us, it's time to come to grips (and excitement) about Spring and Summer. This also means being proactive and getting are booties in a gym.

What a perfect time in Victoria to workout though! I mean, Its rainy a dreary most days and COVID basically makes it impossible to hit one of the 1000 bars and restaurants. So I mean, besides the long walks you're doing every weekend around the island, why not make some physical changes that will matter.

Bare with me. You actually have to plan for this one. If you hit the gym now, that gives you about 3 months to do some good (which is needed to see any great results). You'll need to spend at least 3 days in the gym, and come backyard BBQ season, you'll say "well I'm glad I hit the gym back when sitting on my ass was the only other option."

Let me help you make this even easier....


Hit this sucker up. All you do is enter in the fields at the top and bing, bang, boom, it lets you know how many calories you need to gain or cut weight. Don't know what to eat??? Check this one out


This tells you WHAT TO EAT without having to think about it *mindblown* Just put in that magical number from the first resource and this one will poop out a whole days or weeks meals that you can eat!


Here are 12 FREE Strength Training Programs. Each one with slight variations and guess work taken out of the thought process. Just go to the table of contents, pick one that sounds spicy and start doing it!


Head to and download my BIGGER & BUSY program that is 100% free and chalk full of free information.

The choice is yours!!


El Daniel

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