What You Don't Know About Body Recomposition

For those looking to transform their bodies into lean, green, fighting machines, this information and understanding is for you!

Above, you can see 3 separate photos 3 months apart and over a 6 month period. On the left we have pre-Southeast Asia trip Daniel that had been hitting the gym hard, dedicating all his free time to getting as shredded as possible. In the middle, we have post-Trip Daniel that spent absolutely no time in the gym; Drank, smoked, partied and stayed up late all the wee hours of the night, only to get up early hung over and try to explore the surrounding areas. On the right, we have Daniel trying to get back into the healthy lifestyle, still bordering the party life and getting his shit together.

There are slight body composition differences in all 3 photos, but its tough to say that they are big differences. On the left, clearly the most physically fit, but after 3 months of heavy disregard for health, there hasn't been much change. To the far right, not much has happened in the 3 months following the trip.

The point is this, body recomposition takes time.

"Well duh Daniel, what's so significant about that?"

The significance is that change, negative and positive, is fine line that is unnoticeable until it is (if you get my drift). A day missed at the gym or eating unhealthy isn't going to derail a healthy body and going to the gym once in 5 months isn't going to give you a 6-pack.

Progression or regression is a series of small actions taken over a course of time. This would be drinking every night or working out every other day. You're not going to see instant results but those result are storing up for a big reveal.

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits and founder of Habits Academy calls this moment "the plateau of latent potential." It is the moment when the culmination of your efforts pay dividends.

Before that moment arises, you can experience disappointment if you're trying to achieve a goal and ignorant bliss if you're on the wrong trajectory. This is the in-between time. You aren't seeing the results or detriment of your actions. You get discouraged that your hard work isn't paying off or unaware of where your headed. An example of this is the 3 months after my trip. It would be easy to say the work I was putting in wasn't working.

I don't mean to scare you into training. That is not my intention. The conclusion is that we must understand a day of fun, enjoyment, relaxing and letting yourself have a couple burgers isn't going to set you back a ton. In fact, I encourage it from to time to time. Live a little! Just don't let it become routine, and that routine become habit.

Also know if you're starting from ground zero, it's going to take time and effort to see results and progress. Don't be discouraged. Many of us are going through the same thing and I promise you, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Try these 3 things to help your journey:

1. Find an accountability partner

- If they have the same goal and intentions as you, even better. Make them hold you accountable.

2. Journal/Record your days/progress

- Have a log of all the good or bad work you've done. Make it tangible for you to see.

3. Find a program or a plan

- Everything is easier when its all laid out for you. Take the thinking out of the equation.

Try these 3 things and know that time off isn't the end of the world and neither is starting from ground up. Your efforts will pay dividends and you will reach your goals.

Body recomposition is a tricky beast. Those that have achieved it didn't get there over night. If they tell you otherwise, they are lying. Start small and let those small changes help propel you to the body you desire.


El Daniel

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