Top 5 Things to do for you Morning Routine

Top 5 Things to do for you Morning Routine

Oh, morning routines. 

Grab a coffee. 

Read a book. 

Check for the daily drama on your iPhone. 

The fun stuff. 

If you were like me, sometimes mornings can be tough.

1) Getting out of bed

2) Getting your act together to take on the day. 

Taking advantage of a well-established routine will put you in the best position to manifest your desires and have a great day. So getting up and preparing yourself may be the most important thing you do. 

The Revival Fitness Routine. This is my personal routine and what I’ve found to work the best for me in getting me started and focused.

There is a 5-step process:

1. Wake-up 4:30 am: Drink anywhere from 16-24oz of water and mix in 10g of glutamine

  • The brain needs fluids. Drinking water right away will replenish any lost hydration from the night and the glutamine helps with your immune system. It’s also a multi-versatile amino and will convert itself into any other amino your body needs at that time (i.e. leucine, taurine, etc.)

2. 4:40 am: Read a self-fulfilling book. Usually, one aimed at success, business, relationships; Something motivational.

  • Gotta pump yourself up and helps with the need to always be learning. Whatever you’re passionate about, read about that, or listen to an audiobook. The goal is just to learn.

3. 5:15 am: Cook a steak and eat it with some nuts. Make some coffee in the meantime.

  • Meat and nuts improve your dopamine and acetylcholine response. Some of the densest sources for this are red meat and nuts. To put it another way, you need protein and fat. Your brain is mostly fat, so again, you’re replenishing it. 

4. 5:45 am: Check my stocks, do some research and establish the most important thing I have to do that day. 

  • Life would be a lot more productive if we did less and honed in on what will give us the most bang for our buck. Don’t waste your time doing meaningless tasks. Go after the big dogs and don’t stop until it is done for the day. 

5. 6:30 am: Begin work

Let’s break this down a little bit. 

Firstly, getting up whenever suits your needs is totally fine. Some individuals look at that 4:30 and cringe, but that is okay! You can replace those numbers with any time that works best. I advocate for earlier mornings because it allows you your own time to not be distracted and be with yourself (probably the greatest thing about this routine.) On top of that, your ability to learn and retain information decreases as the day goes on. At about 10 am-12 pm is when you’re at your best. 

Secondly, it is extremely important that you get a good source of nutrients into your body before anything else. If you’re a coffee drinker and that is the first thing you have, you’re already putting yourself at a disadvantage. It’s false energy and your body ramps up then crashes. I would say this is a common trend with most people's routines. 

Note: If you claim to not be able to eat anything in the morning because you get nauseous or aren’t hungry, I suggest you start with smaller portions and look at it as brain food instead of energy for the day. Start where you can, doesn’t have to be red meat but fully sourced proteins are best. 

Here are some other VERY GREAT things you can do:

  • Go for a walk; get some exercise
  • Meditate - excellent for establishing your day
  • Write in a journal - Gratitude allows you to look at the positives in life

The DON’TS, by ANY means, avoid these:

  • Having coffee first thing - you’re only giving yourself a false reality/energy
  • High carb breakfasts. Don’t even get me started on cereal. Might as well eat the box it comes in.
  • Check your phone right away. It will only put you into a negative state and take away from your ability to focus
  • Sleep with your phone in your room. A toughy, but investing in an old-school alarm clock might be the best. Multiple studies tell us that EMFs interfere with REM sleep.
  • Avoid any screen for at least an hour. Learn to be comfortable with your thoughts. 

Setting up your day in a positive way will allow you to make better decisions, give you energy all day, leave you in a state of positivity, and give you the best time to achieve your desires. 

Daniel Bednarski

Owner and operator of Revival Fitness.

daniel@revivalfitnessonline.com778 533 3285