Winning the Day

Winning the Day

As the classic saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same is true to accomplishing a goal or habit. 

Today, ambition is high and opportunity is plentiful. Instant gratification has become normal in our society and it’s thought that we can get what we want in little to no time. 

As most of us feel, this is not the case. I myself experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis just because I believe I am not where I should be in life, business or fitness and health. It can be demoralizing, and self-critical, and push us away from pursuing any desire at all. That’s why we must celebrate the small victories and “Win the day.”

Taking a step in the right direction daily is winning the day. For some, it is making your bed in the morning or stopping yourself from eating sweets, sticking to plans or talking to yourself positively. We have to acknowledge these wins and celebrate them. 

Has anyone ever asked you, would you rather take $5 million dollars today or a penny that doubles every day for 31 days? If you’ve heard this one then you know the better deal is the penny. By the end of 31 days, you would have $10,737,418. On day 27, however, you would only have $671,088. 

The point is that things may seem small and insignificant for a long time, almost until the end, but by the end, by the time you’ve spent all that time and resources working toward your goal, you will be one of the most successful people you could be. 

Believe in those small victories and keep reciting them to yourself daily. Appreciate the little things you’re doing. It will help you complete your goals, change your mindset, and foster an environment of growth. 

What’s one small victory you’ve had today or yesterday? Let me know!

Win the Day!

Daniel Bednarski

Owner and operator of Revival Fitness.

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