You're Making It Harder Than You Need To

Adhering to the simple rule of constancy. Make the gym a place you actually enjoy.

Shit is hard. Don't make it harder on yourself.

Look, the whole concept of the gym is to pick up heavy things and put them back down. Of course it's going to be more difficult then swiping through tinder, but there is a good chance you're making it more difficult on yourself than you should.

1. There is no perfect program or training block

Stop trying to pick the perfect exercises or include everything under the sun.

Programs are designed for specific goals. Some programs work on strength, some work on weight loss, some involve putting barbells over your head and others you only need a booty band. What a good program doesn't do is try to be an all-in-one. You won't see 15 different exercises aimed to hit each individual muscle fibre of the body in order to be "optimal"

Pick something you like, spend 45 min to 1 hr 15 min in the gym or at home 3x a week and you'll be Gucci.

2. Not every session needs to be balls-to-the-wall

What's balls-to-the-walls you ask? It's the 3 hour, multi-fascinated, multi-dimensional, super sweaty, super saiyan, "I took too much pre-workout" kinda gym session. Its the one you don't recover from for a week (mentally and physically).

Results don't require that type of punishment. Again, results are a compound effect that take time, consistency, and dedication. Be gentle to your body, it already has to deal with keeping you alive, let alone making you feel and look good.

Don't worry if the session was easy or you don't feel it the next day. You lifted some weight, you felt it was difficult enough at the time and you'll be good to go in 2 days time.

3. Rest and Recover

Recovery is the work put into perspective. The culmination of the hours spent lifting in the gym instead of drinking in the evenings. It's your ultimate goal.

Rest and recovery is often overlooked and under-utilized. It takes a back seat to life.

Life is hectic, unpredictable, and chaotic. We try to juggle too many things at once (including workout) and expect everything to be hunky dory. For rest and recovery is key.

Even more important is resting and recovering properly. Focus on filling these things into your week:

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Meditation

  • Sex

  • Friends reruns

Sounds easy right? Then why aren't we doing it more often?

4. Random Pieces of Advice

  • If you've had a long day, plan to drop the weight down and increase the reps. This will save you frustration from not completing lifts.

  • Drink more water. You're probably tired and lethargic because you're not getting enough hydration.

  • Start listening to heavy metal. Just trust me.

  • Find some motivational videos. Perhaps @revivalfitnessonline has some good stuff???

  • Stop talking to people at the gym. You've spent over 20 min on the leg extension machine now ...

  • Start bringing friends to the gym. Unless it's Candice one likes Candice.

  • Reward your hard work. Maybe put a little soy sauce on your dried out chicken, rice, and broccoli meal prep. You deserve it.

Simplicity is key. The more simple, the more likely you're able to follow along with the program.

Introduce these concepts into your regular routine and see the difference. You'll enjoy your time in the gym more PLUS see greater results.

Until next time my gym warriors,


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